It almost time!

With the weather warming up and the snow finally melting I can’t help but get excited for our upcoming calving season which begins (hopefully) April 15th. Last year we began calving April 1st and it was one of the wettest, snowiest, coldest April’s on record for the Peace Country. It was also our first big calving year, what a combination!

IMG_5342 (1).JPEG

We fought snow storms, -30 plus windchill, and of course mud. We learned a lot about protective mothers and the importance of carrying a stick with you when you go for a calf check. I’ll be honest when Clay showed me the calving book saying “carry a weapon at all times when calving” I thought it must be a typo. I would roll my eyes and grab my stick grudgingly until a new first time momma didn’t want me anywhere near her calf so she charged me, and although I didn’t use it, man was I happy to have that stick!

With this years calving season fast approaching I find myself looking forward to it. As I write this we have 1 bull calf on the ground and a whole bunch of others are starting to look uncomfortable. We added a Speckle Park bull to the herd last year so I am very excited to see some colorful calves this year!


With another year of calving comes another year of learning. Speaking of learning, make sure to check back next week when I will have a post about what is in our calving box, what is the most useful along with a couple tips we have found to make calving season just a little bit easier.