established in 2010

We were always sick. no matter what we ate or how it was cooked we felt sick. Not sick enough for a doctor visit, but sick enough to realize something was wrong with the conventionally raised, grocery store meat we were consuming.

Over time we began cutting out all red meat unless we harvested it ourselves during hunting season, and guess what? Our health issues went away! We had more energy our guts actually felt good. If we would buy a rib eye steak from the butcher we would feel sick by the end of dinner. Obviously we shouldn’t eat beef, so we didn’t, for almost 3 years we only ate wild meat harvested ourselves, and completely cut out eating chicken at all for over a year. It was during this time we started raising beef cows and began learning about different way of raising animals.

After a couple years raising our own cows we decided to give our own farm raised beef a try since all our big questions were answered:

  • Who had raised it. Us.

  • What went into our meat. No hormone implants, no antibiotics, plenty of room to graze good quality grass, fresh air & sunshine.

  • Where it was being processed and by whom.

  • Why, we wanted to see if changing how an animal was raised affected the quality of the meat and if we would be able to eat it.

We couldn’t believe it but we were able to eat beef again with no issues and the flavor was so much better than any steak we had ever eaten.

Through Holistic Management we have changed the way we manage our animals and each animal on our farm plays a vital role in improving our land quality which translates into a superior tasting meat. Once we saw the difference our management style affected our beef, we began to raise our own pork and chicken as well.

Since 2014 we have been raising and selling pasture raised meats directly to people like you People who love meat but who are looking for a way to feel better when they do. We love to share the farm and have nothing to hide about the way we raise our animals. We share what we do so you know where your meat comes from and who has raised it for you. We welcome questions and look forward to being your Farmers.

Ash & Clay