It all started with a need to

know our food.


Our Beginning

When we bought the farm in 2010 we never would have imagined where we would be today. We were not farmers, we didn’t grow up on farms, we had never even really visited a farm, we just wanted know where our food was coming from and part of that was learning how to raise and harvest our own food.


“Knowing your food quality and where it came from is so important.”

— Ash Armstrong


We started by only eating wild meat. Growing some of our own veggies came next and soon we were wanting to raise our own beef, bring on the cows. The next year we added a few more. The year after that we incorporated pigs, and our own chickens for both eggs and meat. We then took a Holistic Management course and it has forever changed the way we farm now and in the future.

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2018 Grazing - Front 20 2nd graze

Our Mission

We want to help you live a better life by eating better food. Not everyone can raise their own animals or know how to cook their way through half a beef or a whole pig, not to mention a whole chicken! I want to help by providing you with the tools and easy recipes to cook tasty healthy meals the whole family loves.


Our Animals


We all know that knowing your food is important but how much do you really know about where your food comes from and how it gets to your plate? Let us show you! We raise animals directly for our customers, who are able to see how much we care about the food your family is eating.

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Life On The Farm


With all of these learning experiences we have a lot of interesting days while we figure it out. Everything on the farm is an experiment to see if that is the thing that speaks the loudest to us. We are not afraid to try something new so check out what we have learned.

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Farm Tours

Did you know we host farm tours and farm to table dinners? Check back soon for dates!

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