It all started with a need to know our food.


Have you ever thought about your food? I mean really thought about it. What went into raising it? Who was the farmer? How was it raised? What did it eat, how was it treated, & where did it come from?

When we realized we couldn’t answer any of these questions we made the choice to know by raising it ourselves.


As we began to eat better meat we not only felt better knowing where our meat came from, we started cooking at home more & eating out less. We sat at the table and enjoyed food we had raised. We get to feel good knowing we have well raised meat for our growing children. We eat every night knowing the care that went into each meal. Knowing where our food has become a passion of ours.

We hope to inspire you and your family to do the same.

2018 Grazing - Front 20 2nd graze

Our Mission

We want to help you live a better life by eating better food or by giving you tips about raising your own food. Not everyone can raise their own animals or even knows where to start. It takes time to learn how to raise animals & cook your way through half a beef or pig, not to mention a whole chicken! I want to help by providing you with your own healthy nutritious meat, as well as the tools & easy recipes to cook tasty meals the whole family loves.


Our Animals


We all know that knowing your food is important but how much do you really know about where your food comes from and how it gets to your plate? Let us show you! We raise animals directly for our customers, who are able to see how much we care about the food your family is eating.

The Land

A favorite quote of ours is “The land is not ours, it is borrowed from future generations”. We believe this to be true, therefore we have a responsibility to improve it through proper management of our animals. Check out what we are doing and maybe we can inspire you to try something new on your land as well.


Farm Tours

Did you know we host farm tours and other fun stuff? Check back soon for dates!