Free-Range Kids

I let my kids play. Outside. In the mud. Unsupervised. Gasp

First allow me to clarify what I mean when I say I am raising free-range kids. I don’t mean disrespectful, rude, nasty, bad kids. I’m talking about raising kids who at 4 & 5 are learning they can fend for themselves. They can spend hours playing alone or together, they able to make a sandwich or get a snack if they are hungry, then head back out to continue building a tree fort or playing without me having to act as the activities coordinator. Don’t get me wrong I can play the role of activities director like nobody’s business and those other kids with nasty behavior do show up in my sweet kids every now and then but for the most part allowing them a free-range childhood is really cool to watch them grow.

Back to School

With school starting again I want to make sure my kids have healthy (for the most part) lunches. This means more baking and preparedness on my part.

Find out what easy things I’m doing to make our life easier.

Kids in the coop

My kids love the chickens more than they love the dogs. They will spend hours upon hours with the girls in the coop. So we gave them their own flock.

Find out more about their responsibilities.


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