Get to Know Us

Hi, we are Clay and Ash Armstrong, and we raise your food!

We are a first generation farm located an hour east of Grande Prairie, Alberta.  We started our journey into farming in 2010 out of a desire to know where our food came from and how it made it's way to our plate.  We wanted to know our animals were raised out on pasture eating grass. We also wanted to know that the animals were raised well with low-stress handling, no antibiotics or hormone implants.  The only way we could guarantee to get meat raised we could feel right about was to do it ourselves. That's why we want to raise your meat for you so when you eat meat, it's meat you feel good about.  

We believe that you are only as healthy as what you eat, and that includes what your food eats as well.  After learning about Holistic Management, we knew it was something we believed in and feel right about, that knowledge has impacted all areas of how we look at the farm.  One of my favourite quotes is "we do not own the land we simply borrow it from our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren."  This quote has an impact on all of the decisions we now make on the farm, as we need to think bigger than ourselves and farther into the future than just our lifetime.

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